Invite Caprice Smith, Mrs. Corporate America 2014 to WOW your audience about,


1. The 7 things that nearly kept her from winning the crown. 


2. The 1 thing that kept her moving toward the crown.


3. The 5 biggest opportunities she had during her reign. 


4. Her biggest lesson learned as queen. 



"If I had waited for the perfect moment, I would be missing so many of my perfect moments. "


Mrs. Corporate America, 2014

MCA Fact #1

Within 2 months of winning the crown, Caprice recruited 3 women leaders to also compete in the national pageant. 


MCA Fact #2

Caprice made over 12 international, national and local television appearances during her reign; along with over 25 Radio Stations interviews and 4 magazine features. She was the cover girl for the inaugural edition of MWHY Magazine.   


MCA Fact #3

Caprice was the first pageant queen to be a featured speaker at Baltimore County's Women Conference and The Women Entrepreneur's Expo.


MCA Fact #4

Caprice was the first MCA queen to fly an airplane.   


MCA Fact #5

Ms./ Mrs. Corporate America Pageant is the

first pageant Caprice ever competed in. She

was not raised a "pageant girl."


MCA Fact #6

Caprice made so many appearances that she

needed a new crown half way through her reign. She literally worked it "until the jewels fell off."


MCA Fact #7

Caprice became the second of only two Domestic Violence Advocates for the Baltimore City Police Department

during her reign. 




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