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Week 4

Day 1~Latisha McDougal (emergency arose)

Day 2~Latisha McDougal (emergency arose)

Day 3~Caprice Smith~What Has To Go?

Day 4~Caprice Smith~ Get Your Running Start

Day 5~Caprice Smith~Create Your Vision



Week 3

Day 1~ Become A #1 Best Selling Author

Day 2~Caprice Smith~Transforming Your Business

Day 2 Worksheet

Day 3~ Rebecca Lacy Client Engagement

Day 4 ~ Donya Zimmerman~Establishing a Non Profit

Day 5~Caprice Smith~ Creating A Distinguished Business


Training Page

Links become live after 1pm each training day.

Speaker's Gifts

The experts have all come together to provide Gifts to help you stay uncuffed.


Gift #1 Delayna K. Watkins: EBook Mind Your Body and Your Business


Gift #2 Delayna K. Watkins: Business Basics Starter Pack

A printable packet to help you get started with online business basics and stay organized along the way.  Code for free printable will be LIVEUNCUFFED. 


Gift #3 Latisha McDougal: FREE international advertisement.

1 month of advertising and an exclusive interview with a media guru.


Gift #4 Latisha MCDougal: One time Complimentary Private Session with a MEDIA GURU (1 hour of training on how to be interview ready.) Note some upgrades also include a copy of this book


Gift #5 Lynnis Mullins: 21 Holistic Ways To DeStress The Mess - tips on how to reduce stress holistically using nutrition, fitness and spiritual renewal 


Gift #6 Lynnis Mullins:  Free Green Smoothie Recipe Book - over 30 green smoothie recipes plus what fruits and vegetables are in season to help you budget while still eating healthy. 

Gift #7 Lynnis Mullins: A Free 30 minute DeStress The Mess Discovery Session  - A personalized discovery session to help you find out what will work best for to DeStress The Mess and minimize the impact of stress on your body


Gift #8 Michelle Govans: CD/ P.A.V.E. Your Way to Success


Gift #9 Rebbecca Lacy: 8-Step Process For Performance Improvement

Gift #10 Rebbecca Lacy:Team/Employee Engagement, A Business Case for Team Engagement