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​​​​Caprice Smith,

The Uncuffed Living Expert


How many times have you signed up, only to be led down a path of constant motivational emails without any real strategies. You know the peek-a-boo game of give me a dollar and I will give you a tip. Not this time, you hit the jackpot!!! Just like I did when I earned my highest paid day as an entrepreneur, $15,000.00 with absolutely no strings attached!!!


Get this, I did not have sell my soul, speak for hours, coach a tribe of people nor spend pain sacking hours convincing anyone to invest in me. I think this is something women get wrong often, desperation has never and will never work. Show the value and watch it sell.  This is exactly how I did it.

1. I showed up ready to win! It was not negotiable!

2. I expected something awesome to happen. I literally created a space for it and knew it would happen.

3. I refused to stop until that BIG thing showed up!!!

4. Oh, I encouraged everyone who knew me to watch me win. That made it hard to fail.

​                         That's It! Get your mind ready to win!!!