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What will you gain in The Academy?

This phase is geared for personal uncuffing, so that you can build or strengthen your brand.  


Module 1

  • MP3 Playbacks of every session. 

  • Download audios of every session. 

  • Speaker's gifts pack loaded with templates and business neccessities. 

  • over 24 training Uncuffed training templates.

  • Keys To Living Uncuffed~ Women In Business ( A must read book collaboration from award winning women in business from all around the country.) 

  • BONUS: 1 hour personalized one-to-one uncuffing session. 

  • BONUS: Question and Answer Teleconference preceeding the 24 Hour Uncuffed Telesummit.

  • BONUS: Success Secrets~Things You Wish You Knew When You Were 21 years old, a downloadable booklet.


              ~During The Academy/Module 1

This phase is geared for personal uncuffing. 


1. Identify what's been holding you back.

We each bring empirical knowledge into our business that helps or hinders us. The thing you try so desperately to hide, becomes the very thing that others immediately see. Rather than hiding from them, use those things within your business.  


2. Get more organized and accountability. 

Sometimes there are just to many indistinct moving parts. Even if you are great a many things, you should really be focusing on only a few of them. You may need someone to hold you accountable to actually make it happen.  


3. Develop your business tools. 

Discover how to attract new clients AND how they "walk through your door."Are you ready for new clients? Have you cleared a special place for them? If you are not prepared, they will not come.  


4. Client relationship building.

Are you selling to your clients all the time? Are you selling the same thing as everyone else? How are you standing out? Being awesome, is not enough, you must be ready, unique and ten times better!



STAY IN THE FIGHT! At this point, you may be excited and ready, you may feel a little shy about moving forward. I am asking you to trust me and take this leap. Each day I do something different and something that really makes me take a deep breathe. That is how I have reached the level of success that I have. I am going to walk you through the 24 Hour Uncuffed Telesummit and the speakers have lined up to pour into you in a feminine way. There will be no hard core selling pitches from the speakers and I am offering a money back garauntee. I feel confident that your decision to join the UNCUFFED 24 HOUR TELESUMMIT will be life changing. 


No time? I used to say the same thing, as I worked swing shifts, earned my Masters in Education, nurtured a new marriage and four sons; while being the PTA president and soccer mom. I used to say, "I just don't have the time." Amazingly when I stopped saying that, I experienced the life that I dreamed of. Strengthen those boundaries and stop playing with your future. Your legacy awaits you and so does the entire tribe, group or clients that you were purposed to help. In fact, you will have access for the recordings to listen at your leisure. If you don't have the time to develop your life and business, you are not living uncuffed.


No money? Trust me, this part I know all to well. I used to manage my business from money earned with my police detective salary. To say I had it all wrong is an understatement. If your business is not paying you a salary or financing itself, it's just a hobby. UNCUFFED 24 HOUR TELESUMMIT is the answer to this problem. The first thing you have to do is decide that this opportunity is for you. You cannot Google your way to the top and your friends don't have the answer you need. Invest in a level that you want to be and not what you think you can afford. This money back guaranteed telesummit that showcases experts for every aspect of your business is worth the try.  


Think you are already the expert? Great inbox me, let's see how we can partner. I love to work with strong empowered women. As I mentioned, the UNCUFFED 24 HOUR TELESUMMIT is not for everyone, tell a friend.