By The Uncuffed Living Expert Caprice Smith

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Motivation for the Uncuffed Women's Colloquium:


To uncuff women in their lives, business and legacies.


Caprice Smith, the Uncuffed Living Expert has helped women find their purpose and discover creative ways to build their legacies for over 30 years by training them on how to uncuff in their lives and businesses. Her keys to a successful life have proven to be effective in her life and her client’s lives. Her clients have multiple streams of income, balanced families, happiness and excel in their goals. In 2016 she had the idea to bring amazing women in one room for an entire day of uncuffing, the Uncuffed Women's Colloquium was born.


Since then, she has been on a mission to uncuff a nation of women by offering this empowering event each year. She hopes to continue to inspire women to elevate their businesses and lives to the next level to reach their full potential and leave behind a legacy that will even make Oprah proud. If you have any questions please contact













WUTV is a digital show and the DMV's newest show dedicated to success and living uncuffed! This show features people uncuffed in their lives and business. We train women on our success strategies.


Channels: We are honored to be a featured channel on Women's Broadcast Television Network. Together WUTV and WBTVN "Reach the 2.5 trillion dollar market of female business owners ages 25 – 60 years in age with tremendous consumer needs and purchasing power, offer cross-promotion to viewership of 300,000 + local cable networks and 11.5 billion streaming video subscribers on ROKU, local cable networks, AppleTV, DirectTVSling and others and on WBTVN social media channels and email network of 100,000."


Host: Caprice Smith is Mrs. Corporate America Ambassador 2015,Mrs. Corporate America 2014 and Mrs. Owings Mills 2013. This Retired Baltimore City Police Special Investigation Detective and Adjunct Professor, incredibly finds time to mentor women as the Uncuffed Living Expert. Her speaking and training affords her the opportunity to demonstrate what the uncuffing process should look like.



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