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Episode 4

God's Confident Woman with

Joi Hayward 

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Black Media with 

Phinesse Demps

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Sex, Money & Church with

Danielle Tate

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Curvy & Confident with

Marla Fowlkes

Keys To Living Uncuffed


Keys To Living Uncuffed


If you have a dynamic idea that would make a great show and want to be a guest, let's rock! I love working with strong empowered women who have found success and don't mind sharing success secrets.


Relax, I don't want you giving away all of your great ideas, I am offering a seat at the table in the rooms you want to be in. I would like to help you get exposure and uncuff my amazing audience.


The network I belong to, Women's Broadcast Television Network  has major klout. I am honored to be a part of it. Together we " Reach the 2.5 trillion dollar market of female business owners ages 25 – 60 years in age with tremendous consumer needs and purchasing power,  offer cross-promotion to viewership of 300,000 + local cable networks and 11.5 billion streaming video subscribers on ROKU, local cable networks, AppleTV, DirectTVSling and others and on WBTVN social media channels and email network of 100,000."


If you would like to join me as a co-host, I am interested in hearing more. I never use these two words, "collaborate" or "partner," they usually translate to neither one of us getting paid our value. That went out with the seventies. I am more interested in learning about your authentic message and how you will shake things up? How are you adding value? How are you uncuffed?


Co-host opportunities are available every quarter. Be ready, my audience, the Key Holders are energetic and excited.  They recognize fear, but I have you covered. Co-host get brand exposure, prime real estate at my live events and lots more.


You made it to this website out of all the katrillion others and not by chance. So, what's stopping you?